Don’t Worry, I’m Not Really a Robot.

Hello, my name is Molly McCowan. I am the lead editor and owner of Inkbot Editing, LLC. I’m writing this to tell you that I’m not really a robot. But I’m also here to assure you that I am:

1. A Lover of Words

Me at age four—white tights and all

I’ve always had a way with words. I learned to read when I was four years old, and proceeded to read all of my friends’ birthday cards aloud for them at their parties (my mom has this on video).

Throughout middle and high school, I suffered my way through what is called “The International Baccalaureate Program.” [Insert apocalyptic music here]. I learned more about MLA- and APA-style formatting than I care to admit, and was once docked 50 points off of a paper because I refused to stop ending sentences with prepositions. (I have always thought that it’s a ridiculous “rule,” and by the end of the semester my teacher actually ended up agreeing with me.)

In all fairness, the IB Program set me up to succeed. I took my placement exams, ended up with 29 college credit hours, and off to Colorado State University I went to become a writ…veterinarian? What?

2. Not a Veterinarian

Misty, assistant to the editor

When I was six years old, I made up my mind. I wanted to be a veterinarian.

When I was 11, I saved up my allowance for two years because my mom promised me that I could have a Shetland Sheepdog puppy… if I paid for it myself. She kept her promise—Misty is now almost 15 years old, asleep at my feet while I write this.

In high school, I continued with my blind ambition to save all animal kind. I failed to see my mediocre grades in math and science as a red flag, instead choosing to will myself to be everything that everyone expected me to be (or so I thought).

After nearly six summers of working at a local vet hospital, however, I would still cry every single time we had to put an animal to sleep. I knew deep down that I could never handle that part of the job.

And, I was right. One year into my pre-veterinary studies at CSU, I had:

  • Flunked the first class of my life
  • Realized I didn’t want to be a veterinarian
  • Decided I wanted to study English & Spanish
  • Finally learned how to take a shot without choking (hey, it’s an important social skill)
  • Learned a new instrument and started a band
  • Decided I was taking the next semester off to “reflect”

To the horror of my parents, I took that semester off. Then, when I changed my major and went back to school a few months later, I was motivated to study what I wanted to study. I pulled straight 4.0s from there on out, and ended up receiving a federal grant to study art, literature and language in the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain.

3. A Bit of a Wanderer

My roommate, Dani, and I on top of a castle in Segovia, Spain

Living in Spain and traveling Western Europe confirmed my love for traveling, eating, architecture, art, languages, and…writing. I filled three Moleskine notebooks (the big ones!) with pen-and-ink drawings, poetry, short stories and journal entries. I was back in true form, and I knew that writing, and working with other writers, was one of my biggest passions (and I’m passionate about a lot of things, so that’s really saying something).

4. A Music Lover, and Someone Who Knows What Career Burnout Feels Like

Here’s a shot of me in the French electro-pop band that I was in for a while. This wasn’t even on Halloween…

Fewer than six months after my return from Spain (or as I like to call it, “The Country of Extremely Odd Festivals“), I was the Editor in Chief of Scene Magazine—a local magazine that covered the nightlife/local music beat. I expanded it into a beast of art, literature, culture and music.

As a local musician, I was keenly aware of the music scene’s slitherings. I was able to bring that to Scene, infusing it with relevant, timely music news. As the daughter of a fine artist, I used Scene to support local artists as well—offering them articles and sponsoring art shows. I also performed a complete intervention on the magazine’s website (the original site was an embarrassing jumble of ’90s layout mishaps).

Sounds like a lot of work, right? It was. Two years into that gig, I burned out. And I’m talking major burnout—”I don’t even want to get up today” burnout. It was time to move on, and the publisher and I parted ways with a hug and one last paycheck. 11 out of the 12 staff writers left with me. Why I stayed as long as I did was a mystery to me—that’s a lesson I had to learn the hard way, and one that I won’t ever repeat. (Word to the wise: Don’t ever let your job take precedence over your personal well-being. It’s never worth it!)

5. A Fledgling Marketing Maven

In the midst of the troubles with my job at Scene, I was offered a position working with a wonderful local business called The Fort Collins Digital Workshop. I dived into social media management, blogging, networking, SEO, sales, and all things business. I was the Marketing Director for FCDW for more than a year, and I loved every minute of it—it offered me so many new experiences and insights into the small business and marketing worlds. And when I resigned from FCDW in order to focus completely on my own business, I took all of my newly gained marketing expertise with me!

6. A Toy Robot Collector

Part of my growing toy robot collection

There’s not much to write about here. I love toy robots. I can’t explain it; I just do

7. An Editor at Heart

Miriam Folline Leslie, one of the first women in publishing

The lesson in all of this is that Inkbot Editing is the editing business I always hoped I’d work for. I am motivated to help writers, marketers and copywriters create A+ content; be it for books, magazines, websites, press releases…you name it.

I’m inspired by seeing writers succeed. I will work my hardest for you. I will help you make your writing shine, shimmer and salsa. And you’ll hire me to bring a sense of fun, hard work and, most importantly, great results into your projects.

I’m so happy to have you along for the ride; it’s going to be a great time!


Image of Miriam Folline Leslie appears here courtesy of The National Women’s History Museum. All other images are from my personal collection.

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3 responses to “Don’t Worry, I’m Not Really a Robot.

  1. This is awesome!! I love the cute pic of Molly at 4 years old… What a great person she has become!

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