Have you been fine-tuning your book, report, manual, academic paper, or other document for so long you can’t “see” it anymore? Copyediting can help.

Don’t worry—it happens to all of us. Even Molly, Inkbot Editing’s Lead Word Nerd, needs a fellow editor to look over her work from time to time. (Typos can happen to anyone, after all.)

Copyediting is your peace of mind that your document will be free of errors and easy for your audience to understand. If your document is still in Microsoft Word format (i.e., it hasn’t been typeset and isn’t in PDF format), you need copyediting, not proofreading. Read the FAQ section for more information about the differences between these services.


As the fine-toothed comb in the editorial process, copyediting takes a hard look at the “little picture” of your work. Copyediting includes:

  • Editing for clarity
  • Removing typographical errors
  • Correcting mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Fact-checking (dates, names, factual claims, etc.)
  • Working with footnotes and endnotes to make sure they’re formatted consistently
  • Editing to comply with appropriate style manual, when applicable (MLA, CMS, AP, APA, etc.)


For book-length projects, formatting is sometimes also needed. While light formatting can be included in the overall copyediting services, heavy formatting needs usually necessitate an extra charge. Formatting includes:

  • Removing extra spaces and returns
  • Making sure chapters don’t “run into” each other by using page and section breaks
  • Using paragraph styles (normal, title, heading 1, heading 2, etc.) to enable global style changes to any style—this makes changes to fonts, spacing, etc. much easier
  • Preparing the book for typesetting (for self-publishing)

Other Types of Editing

Fiction books may also need stylistic editing, which ensures that the smaller elements involved in timeline, character development, plot, and more are realized.

If you need “big-picture” work on your fiction or nonfiction book (e.g., plot and character development, chapter ordering, etc.), take a look at our developmental editing services.

Packages & Custom Style Guides

Copyediting and fact-checking of 12 blog posts (800 words or fewer) for $250.
If your company produces a lot of content, having a custom style guide means you’ll be more consistent and spend less time editing. A style guide includes information like whether or not your company uses the Oxford comma, or follows U.S. or UK spelling. Keep your brand’s voice intact and reduce time spent editing copy with a customized style guide. Includes one interview with your brand’s editorial director.

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