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Molly_McCowan_headshot_laughMolly McCowan — Lead Word Nerd

Don’t worry, she’s not really a robot.

Utilizing her background in writing, journalism, and communication studies, Molly has served on editorial staffs for more than eight years as a professional writer and editor. She has held jobs as a journalist, editor in chief of a popular Northern Colorado magazine, marketing director, and editor in chief of a non-profit quarterly newspaper, the Fort Collins Courier. She has worked as a freelance copyeditor for Oxford University Press, Routledge, and Taylor & Francis.

Molly has taught writing and editing workshops for authors of fiction and nonfiction, and has edited everything from mystery novels to government reports. She has an eagle eye for catching mistakes in copy, but her blend of experiences has also given her an ability to see the big picture (developmental work).

She is a strong writer able to create—or mirror—an individual or company’s voice. She has written websites, brochures, taglines, advertising campaigns, and more. Her copywriting skills have boosted profits for businesses across the U.S.

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It's all in the details.
Compelling copy, from scratch.
Developmental Editing
Have a great idea for a book?
Journalistic Writing
Need an article or blog post?
The tiniest of the tiny.
Well, you can't be good at everything.

The Bots

Harry – Admin Bot

Harry helps Inkbot Editing’s clients navigate the complex waters of submitting something for editing, sending in their project ideas, and more. He’s patient, a natural teacher, and he has a great sense of humor, making him a customer favorite.



Destructor – Knuckle-Rapper Bot

Missed a deadline? Late on a payment? Destructor might pay you a visit. While he has a tough exterior and he pushes everyone to do their very best work, he’s really a big softie at heart. Just try watching Old Yeller with him; you’ll see what we mean.



The Office Assistants

Rosie – Copilot
Nov. 2014–present

Rosie’s the new kid on the block. She still doesn’t quite understand why she can’t chew on the office copy of the Copyeditor’s Handbook, but she’ll get there.


Chloe – Chief Chatterbox
Mar. 2001–May 2017

Chloe loved to take naps in the paper recycling tray and bat the mouse off the desk. She also liked to have loud conversations when Molly was on the phone with a client. She is so missed!

Misty – Former Copilot
Jan. 1998–Aug. 2014

Misty was Molly’s constant companion for almost 16 years. The office isn’t the same without her, but her happy-go-lucky spirit lives on.