“Words, words, words. They’re all we have to go on.”

Tom Stoppard’s famous line, from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, rings true in today’s world of information overload.

Words can make or break a sale. The words on your company’s website, brochure, advertising campaign, or even your LinkedIn page can either attract or repel your target customer.

At its best, copywriting combines writing and marketing into one fluid package designed to convert leads into loyal customers. Inkbot’s Lead Word Nerd, Molly McCowan, is a master at getting to the heart of what makes you, your business, and your customers tick.

She then provides persuasive content that will drive your target audience to buy what you’re selling: whether it’s your brand, a product or service, or an idea.

Copywriting Services

As one of your most important marketing tools, your website is an investment, not an expense. Molly writes strategic, custom content that shows your customers how you stand apart from the competition.

Includes interviews with business owner(s) as needed, market research, recommended keywords, and copy for widgets, slider images, and more. Does not include photography, graphic design, or uploading content to website.

Effective, sales-oriented copy that generates results. Well-organized information that will educate your audience and compel them to act.

Standard price for trifold brochure. Includes one-hour interview with business owner or marketing manager to determine the brochure’s scope, layout, and focus. Does not include tagline.

Your tagline (or slogan) is the most important ad you’ll ever create. A well-crafted tagline can pack a powerful punch in just a few words, showcasing your company’s brand and vision. You want to get this right.

Includes a one-hour interview with business owner.

Case studies are the best way to show your customers what you’re capable of. I’ll introduce your client, show what problem(s) you solved for them, and discuss the outcomes and benefits you provided.

Includes one 30-minute interview with subject of case study, one 30-minute interview with business owner or service provider, and up to two pages of copy.

Print, radio, and TV ads that hit the mark. I also offer direct mail messaging, email marketing strategy and copy, invitations, event branding, and more.

Advertising campaigns vary widely, depending on your company’s primary market and strategy. Contact me for more information.

Press releases are a powerful—and economical—way to get media attention for your company.

Maximum of two pages. Includes one 15-minute interview with primary source for quotes as necessary.

Have a great idea for a nonfiction book or eBook, but just don’t have the time to write it? Molly will work with you to write the book you’ve been dreaming about, through a series of interviews and strategy-oriented meetings. Using her skills as a developmental editor, Molly can help you craft a book from the table of contents up.

Project fee varies depending on scope and intended format. Includes interviews, project management, and meetings as needed. Nonfiction only. Contact Molly for more information.

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