Experience the peace of mind that only comes after an experienced editor looks at your work.

You’ve worked on your document for untold hours. The deadline is quickly approaching, and you realize you’ve been staring at the same words for so long that you just can’t “see” them anymore. You know the writing isn’t perfect yet, but you’re not sure what to do.

Enter Inkbot Editing. Inkbot’s Lead Word Nerd, Molly McCowan. She has an eagle eye for spotting typos, grammatical errors, inconsistencies, spelling mistakes, and bigger issues like tone, structure, and style. It’s her job to make you look good, and after she goes through your text you can rest easy knowing that it’s polished and ready to hand off.

Worried that an editor will change your writing too much? Don’t be. Molly is known for her light touch and compassionate hand. She’ll get a feel for your writing style, and will work diligently to preserve your voice, every step of the way.

Editing services include:

Copyediting is your peace of mind that your document will be free of errors and easy for your audience to understand. As the fine-toothed comb in the editorial process, copyediting takes a hard look at the “little picture” of your work. Click to learn more.
Developmental editing looks at the “big picture” of your work. Whether you’ve written a book or just have an idea for one, Inkbot Editing can help you take it all the way to the finish line. Click to learn more.
Stylistic editing is only for fiction books, and it’s done at the same time as copyediting. It includes edits and suggestions to improve realism, character development, consistency of names and objects, dialogue, and more. Click to learn more.
The copy is written, the design and typesetting is done. Now enters the paranoia. Will your company’s billboard ad have a huge, glaring error? Will your book have an embarrassing typo? Proofreading takes a look at the final, typeset and designed files to make sure everything is 100% ready to go. Click to learn more.