Developmental Editing

Inkbot Editing’s developmental editing can help you take your fiction or nonfiction book all the way to the finish line.

So, you’ve written a book. First off, congratulations! That’s no easy task. Unless you got it perfect the first time (and who can pull that off?), you could probably use some developmental editing.

Developmental editing gives you an overall, “big-picture” view of what still needs work, along with actionable items to address.

Inkbot Editing’s Lead Word Nerd, Molly McCowan, has years of experience helping authors develop their fiction and nonfiction books.

Developmental editing for fiction analyzes the following items:

  • Character and plot development
  • Pacing
  • Settings and imagery
  • Dialogue and interior monologue
  • Timeline
  • Structure
  • Continuity (names, physical features, places, objects, and more)

Developmental editing for nonfiction focuses on many of the same elements but doesn’t analyze character or plot development, as these usually don’t apply.

Developmental editing also includes:

  • Up to two hours of question-and-answer time or coaching (something that very few developmental editors offer!)
Here is the breakdown of Inkbot Editing’s process for developmental editing:

  1. Molly reads through the entire manuscript and takes notes with page numbers that correspond to developmental items.
  2. Molly writes and sends a development plan, usually ranging from 10 to 20 pages, that talks about what the manuscript needs and provides actionable steps to complete the revisions.
  3. You complete any rewriting needed, using your included coaching time to address any questions or concerns.
Developmental editing usually takes two to four weeks to complete, not including any time you spend making revisions to the manuscript. By the end of the process, your book will have received the most extensive and beneficial editing that Inkbot Editing provides.
Developmental editing pricing is billed at a project rate. Since manuscripts vary widely in length and amount of development required, each project is fully customized to your needs.

A 50% deposit, which is applied toward the estimated project total, must be paid before your project begins in order to reserve your spot on Molly’s calendar.

Have a great idea for a book, but haven’t written it yet? Not sure where to start? Inkbot Editing’s book coaching services can help you build your book from scratch. Book coaching can help you:

  • Develop a logical structure
  • Define a clear thesis or main argument
  • Decide on content
  • Ensure that your voice, style, and tone will be appropriate for the subject matter

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