Stylistic Editing

Rest assured that your fiction book or short story is consistent, fluid, and well written.

Stylistic editing—usually completed in conjunction with copyediting—includes Molly’s best suggestions for making your work of fiction its absolute best.

Stylistic Editing

Stylistic editing differs from developmental editing in that it looks at the smaller stylistic details that make up your project. Unlike developmental editing, stylistic editing does not offer suggestions for global changes to timeline, plot, or character development. Stylistic editing includes:

  • Editing for consistency
  • Tracking items, names, physical features, objects, etc. (to make sure something isn’t introduced and then forgotten about, for instance)
  • Suggestions for fixing unclear imagery and/or metaphors
  • Word choice suggestions for tone (a character’s thoughts or spoken words, or to clarify imagery)
  • Balancing forward motion with description (action vs. description)
  • Making sure that characters complete actions in a way that makes logical sense
  • Suggestions for “showing” vs. “telling: not overexplaining characters’ motivations, feelings, etc.—instead, showing these facets through the characters’ actions and dialogue

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