Journalistic Writing

Telling stories with an impact.

Inkbot’s Lead Word Nerd, Molly McCowan, has served as a journalist for Northern Colorado publications for many years. She offers well-researched, clean, and well-written journalistic writing for newspapers, magazines, zines, blogs, websites, and more.

Topics she specializes in include:

  • Outdoor adventure and recreation
  • Music
  • Art, especially fine art and art history
  • Sustainable living
  • Nature writing

Molly also currently serves as the editor in chief of the Fort Collins Courier, which features content about bicycling, agriculture and the local food movement, environmental issues, and profiles of local makers and the return to craft. She is also a regular contributor to Bootprints, an online outdoor adventure newsletter that has more than 100,000 readers.

She is available to hire for freelance writing assignments and reporting.